How To Make Sushi Rice
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Added: April 05, 2012 Views: 291 Ratings: 0
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procedure Wash rice for sushi rice to remove starch. In a Teflon pan or steel add clean rice with 4 ...
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procedure Wash rice for sushi rice to remove starch. In a Teflon pan or steel add clean rice with 4 cups water and ½. Cooking with the lid tightly closed for 10 minutes at high heat and low heat 10 minutes. Once ready, the cooking of rice, let stand for a minute. Pour it into a plate or glass timber and add the preparation of rice vinegar, mix well, without breaking the grains gently until warm to room temperature. Prepare seasoning rice seasoning mix rice vinegar, sugar, salt, and sake ajinomoto in a jar. Bring to a simmer, just to dilute the sugar. Important not to fire a long time so it does not taste the vinegar evaporates. Clean the prawns and garnish click on a kebab stick. Place 1 minute in a saucepan with boiling water. Add a little salt and lemon. Cool quickly to keep from spreading your cooking. Peel the skin and leave it as a decorated queues. Cut the pink salmon in foil and thin rods. Cut American cheese into sticks. Mounted on a bamboo mat well placed skewer half nori. On the algae quite place sushi rice to cover the entire surface. Turn on leaving the seaweed sushi rice. Place the shrimp a bit of cream cheese and salmon pink. Then roll up and roll add sheets of pink salmon and avocado on a diagonal. Place the rolls on a tray with ground sesame seeds. sushi rice recipe, making sushi rice, how to make sushi rice, sushi rice, make sushi rice, how to cook sushi rice, sushi rice rice cooker, cooking sushi rice, perfect sushi rice
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